Loren came to us wanting a website to improve her sales on Poshmark. For those whom are unfamiliar with Poshmark. Poshmark is America's fastest growing, direct-to-mobile platform for selling new and used fashion. Users list purses,bags, shoes, jelwelry and etc. that they no longer use or wear, and in mere minutes items go LIVE - available for immediate purchase. Making cleaning out one's closet incredibly easy. 

Loren was looking for a clean and fresh website to make her look as high quality as her boutique clothing on her Poshmark site. For her logo, she wanted to remain simple and requested a font-based handwritten logo with a touch of gold for her brand. We absolutely love the simple, sophisticated outcome. 

(Although Loren is a seller on the Poshmark brand, we've created her website so that she can easily ween herself off the Poshmark platform to start selling on her own site, in the future.)

Plotline Clothing, you've just went VYRL (VIRAL). We wish you and your business the very best.  

DESIGN SERVICE: VYRL Co. Design |   SERVICES COMPLETED:  Logo,  Squarespace Website, Poshmark Site Intregration & Photoshoot   |   DESIGNER: JBO