Highlight Reel: Akiko + De'von

Akiko + De'von  traveled a little over 2 hours for this incredible session and spent the day in the great city of Austin, TX. It was supposed to rain but luckily, the weather provided perfect weather conditions for this shoot. Oddly enough, I actually know both Akiko and Dev'on Akiko from Freshman year at Stephen F. Austin University. Akiko was my roommate and they had both met during our freshman year at SFA. I was elated when they had reached out via Instagram and asked if I could shoot their engagement photos. I've put together with a handful of photos for a 'highlight reel' to showcase some of my favorite photos from our session. 

I’m obsessed with every one of these, and hope you enjoy them too! ;)


Akiko + Devon, you're highlight reel is available for download here. - Feel free to share this post with your family and friends on Facebook! 

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