Last week Dillion from JamesMatthewDesign.com, pitched to me the idea of helping submit a video submission for EBONY'S for the Urban Creatives Contest of which the winner wins $10,000. It just so happened that Dillion was in the middle of moving out his condo, so we took on the opportunity to immediately start shooting. 

Since I am not well adept in video - Les Lockheart (new team member alert!), our video specialist, put this preview video together for social media as a preview

Here's the actual video submission to EBONY. Unfortunately, James Matthew Design did not win. However, this gave VYRL Co. Design the experience we needed to apply our  skills to future projects involving videography. 

Sidenote: We had to do ALOT of improvising (this video was made and completed within 6 hours.) but I'm still impressed with what we came up with in such a short time period. 

Here's the ACTUAL Pitch...

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