Weekly Archive #Uno

For the sake of not only having new content, but also to encourage myself to keep posting all of my photography throughout the week, I'll be posting a weekly photo archive of my work. 

I haven't mentioned this on my blog, but I am in the middle of transitioning from living in Houston to Austin, Texas. I've been living in Austin with friends during the week for work, then on the weekend returning back to Houston until my apartment is ready. It has been a very necessary, but exhausting process. I've always felt so uninspired and unhappy in Houston. I've experienced heartbreak, financial struggles, lack of opportunities in the marketing field and a cluster of fucked up situations that I've had to deal with alone. Although, I know you're not supposed to run away from your problems, but for my own sanity. I need to go.

And so Saturday, I'll be able to move into my 1 bedroom apartment in Central Austin (Just me and my dog, Jackson).

So I'll be posting pictures from my last week in Houston, plus some other commission work I snagged during my work week in ATX. 

Photographed: Michael and Dillion Dorsey.

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