Levitate, Levitate, Levitate, Levitate....

I absolutely adore levitation photos, but have never tried in a way in which I was really proud to showcase on the internet. While in Galveston, Me and Tiye had plenty of time to explore and we found ourselves in a 8-story abandoned building. While doing portraits, we decided to give them a go.

Here's what we came up with...

Levitation shots are really fun and easy. Here's what you do..

* Set your camera to a high shutter speed and continual burst (if it has it).

* Get your subject to jump and keep their faces calm (not strained from the jump) and their hands/arms/feet in a certain position.

* It's really important to catch the photo while they are on the up of the jump. If you catch them on the way down their hair and clothing fly upwards, ruining the illusion.

* Try out lots of different poses. We tried running in the air, jumps into handstands, horizontal leans and more. Some people even get amazing results when they jump into lotus position.

* Make sure your model is agile. The neater they can keep their body with straight legs, high jumps and good muscular control, the better. The more all over the place they look in the photo, the more it looks like a jump rather than a levitation. And they shouldn't be the type who are scared to fall. In a lot of these poses we ended up face first into the sand, but it was really fun :D

This weeks photo challenge: Tag @VYRLCODesign and use the Hashtags #Levitatevyrl to create a follow train of your best levitation shots!

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