Jasmine “Bobby” Oliver is a commercial and editorial photographer based in Austin, Texas.

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30-Day Social Media Detox

30-Day Social Media Detox

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been feeling some type of way about life. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy in a sense, but I've forcibly made a few life changing decisions that not only scare me, but I know deep down in my heart, were personal decisions that I absolutely had to make. 

And so I made this post on all of my social media accounts: 

“Some time ago, I lost my style. After years of following photographers/designers whom I truly admired [ on Instagram], my own personal style got lost in the shuffle. 

While trying to regain who I was (or who people thought I was through photography), I started to dabble into design — although it’s ALOT to learn, I am genuinely enjoying it and am grateful for this [frustrating] process. 

I came to the surprising realization that I am no longer sure of what that consistent thread of “Bobby” was that was woven into every project I did. I got lost in the “I can do everything” and forgot the “this is why I’m creating”.

So, I think a 30-day detox from social media would really help me regain the focus that I desperately need and will help me come to terms with all of the changes that are currently going on in my life. 

Although I will not post on here. I will start posting new projects on to my website (hopefully). 

My hopes are that after this detox, or somewhere in the process, that I’ll learn to live vicariously through my own life and not trying to recreate the successful endeavors of Pinterest-perfect worlds.

Here’s to designing a life I love.

Peace. ”

So What Now? Well for 30 days, starting today ,I’ll be kicking off my social media break. That means: no Instagram, no Pinterest, no Facebook and no Twitter.  However, I will be utilizing my blog and the rest of my website. 

I’m doing this because I’m realizing that I need to build in a stretch of time to just pause and regroup.

I’m a 27 year old [now jobless - hah! Don’t start crying again, Jasmine] woman pursuing running a creative business on my own. On a given day, I’m hovering over my computer with food in my lap watching Skillshare videos, designing, looking at photography inspiration, writing, listening, pitching ideas to myself and running around these Houston streets trying to appease my dog, Jackson who’s never happy with being in the house. 

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a moment to just… think. To get inspired. To remain open to the space where the good ideas arise. In an effort to be more of a minimalist with my commitments and intentional when it comes to my time, I’m realizing that this tech detox may do wonders for resetting some not-so-wonderful habits that have somehow crept into my day.

I use all of the usual social-media suspects daily. So yes—deep breaths—I’ll be deleting them all from my phone during my social media break to avoid the notifications. I’m not allowing myself to be on social (posting, consuming, responding, commenting, liking, etc.) at all. 

Here’s how I’m planning to spend my time during my social media break:

  • Writing and big-picture business visioning. Daily morning pages are a way to get at the unconscious stuff that blocks us from moving forward. I do believe in this practice whole-heartedly. It works like magic. The thing is… you have to do it. I’d love to get into a morning ritual of freestyle writing. Believe it or not, writing is NOT my strongest point. I’ve actually taken a break from this blog to read more. I’ve even taken a writing class or two on Skillshare to improve my writing. The hardest thing for me has always been to put my words, thoughts and ideas down on pen and paper. But I’m trying! and I’m thankful to anyone who even takes the time to read this shit
  • Developing more visual creative content. Videos, Photography, Graphic Design - I will be working to bring all of these things into fruition. 
  • Opening up a shop on the site. God willing. 
  • Email. I couldn’t figure out how to let this one go for an entire month. If you guys know a way to ditch email for an extended period of time without wrecking your biz, would you let me know?
  • Reading. Oh, to finally finish a book before I get that warning email from the public library.
  • Craft projects. Oh, to finally finish those lingering craft projects.
  • Watching TV. Preferably paired with a crafting project.
  • Embracing the present. This is, well… everything. Whatever it is I’m doing during —watching movies, taking the metro rail around the city and doing photography early in the morning, editing photos, enjoying a cup of coffee, learn to cook a new meal or two—I want to be doing it entirely. Without Facebook.
  • And lastly,  being OK with not getting to do everything on this list.

My plans for this social media break are certainly inspired by others’ successes with the cleanses. But until recently, I honestly never thought that I could do one. As a small business owner, I rely on social media to help generate sales.

Who will be promoting on my behalf? What if people forget about my products and services?

No one, and yes, it’s a possibility.

It’s just a risk that I’ll have to take. I’m willing to face that I may lose readers or potential customers (Hell, if I actually HAVE any). But I’m OK with that. I have a strong feeling that the benefits—the freeing up of time, the re-commitment to presence—will be an invaluable reward. 

So, what do you think? Would you try this? Have you already done a Creative Clarity Cleanse? Any tips you’d like to share or insight from what you’ve gained? I’d love to hear!

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