Five #BlackGirlMagic Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

To kick off the weekend, I thought it would be a great to share some recent/favorite Instagram accounts, that I'm pretty sure most of you have not heard of, but really should. I love waking up and scrolling through the beautiful images and early morning creative inspiration that these phenomenal women tend to give me. They literally inspire me to leap out of bed and start the day and well, I think it's about time you know who they are as well. 


1.  Deun Ivory I'm starting to think that there is nothing that this woman CANNOT do. I have aways loved Deun's playful approach to her work. She obviously deeply loves what she does and has no fear in displaying her love for Christ,  color and art and it it is nothing short of inspiring to watch. Currently she is doing amazing things with her Instagram where you can find her illustrations, photography and daily encounters. Her work can be found on her website and her illustrations can be purchased here as well. 



2. Dara I somehow discovered her while living in Austin for school. Instagram makes the world such a small place and I happened to see her tagged in an associates photo. From that moment I clicked Follow on her instagram, I have been hooked ever since. She has such great style and her Instagrams are so beautiful. I love her simple take on styling and following along with her on her daily life as a photographer, blogger, traveler and programmer.  I strongly suggest that you check out her blog, Love Darbie

3. Anjola Coker is a 20 year old writer and poet born in Lagos, Nigeria. What do I love about her feed? It's a journal of a young woman in her 20's photographing culture, community and adventure. On her blog, Journey in the Reign, you will find a lot of beautifully written ideas, stories and experiences presenting in short stories, poems and photography. 


4. Akua Tufuor  happens to be one of my FAVORITE lifestyle bloggers.  Every morning, I make a cup of coffee and make my way to my computer to shift through some of many bookmarked sites. Akua Tufor is a self-taught Ghanaian (from Ghana, West Africa) photographer and aspiring lifestyle blogger based in Arlington, Texas. Her style is minimalistic and simplistic. Following her daily wanderings and so on is such a delight and I really suggest yall check out her feed and her blog. She has such a sharp eye!  



5. Ashlei M. Sutton is truly fascinating because she is the ONLY female sports photographer I've seen on my feed. Ashlei is a 22 year old Northern Virginia based photographer who has blended her love for basketball to sports photography. What to love about her IG? Her ability to encapture beautiful and emotion filled candids that truly show her passion for sports culture and photography. She also has a sports blog called RISE. Check it out!