Logo Design (Freelancer.com assignment)

Working from home is every bit as awesome as it seems. No strife of a daily commute, no expense of unavoidable meals out, fuel, or rented office space. And perhaps best of all, all the comforts of your own, personalized office, maybe even shared with your significant other. I know for myself, spending about 80% of my working time in my home office this past year has been a dream come true.

Not all of my projects lately have been directly from my site, but from relentlessly talking to people and scouring the internet for projects. In this case, I happened to snag a bid to create a logo on Freelancer.com for a client who was looking to brand her artwork.  

For those who are unfamiliar with Freelancer

Freelancer is an online outsourcing platform that puts businesses and employers in contact with a global network of Freelancers. Any member can post a project, whether a short- or long-term job, and choose from skilled freelancers who offer rate quotes and time estimates for completing the work. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement. Employers can have their pick of thousands of freelancers who have the exact skills needed to get the job done, without undertaking the expense and commitment of hiring full-time employees. Freelancers can tap into a readily available source of constant part-time and full-time work opportunities from employers who are specifically seeking them out.