$78 Flight Deal: Colorado

I happened to snag an awesome flight deal to Colorado for $78 (Frontier Airlines) with an associate from my alma matter, Coralyn. I have spent much time at my part time job researching hacks and ways to travel for cheap, as it is my goal to spend atleast one week of every month in another state, or country. I've found that by searching for flights by date, as opposed to destination, has really given me a boost on finding the cheapest of the cheapest flights. (I'm happy to show/teach you guys whatever I know - expect an upcoming post on that). 

At any rate, Ideally when I travel the goal is to see and experience as much as possible. I tend to spend a week or two researching, mapping out destinations and creating an itinerary, but this trip was different. Coralyn and I planned this trip just to simply get away and escape from some things we were both going through.So we winged this whole trip.... and I'm glad we did. It ended up being extremely relaxing and allowed me to put in focus plans.

With that being sad, I did not film, photography much from this trip - other than the pics you've seen on my Instagram, but.... I did manage to create a little video with the little clips I had sitting on my point-and-shoot camera (Canon G7X)

For the hotel + flight and Airbnb + Rental Car we spent $158 a piece for the 4 days that we were there, and only kept $100 cash on us.

Hope you enjoy. 

I kept my DSLR at home (didn't need any unexplected damages on my conscious) so I just bought by Canon G7X point & shoot with me.