Midweek Distraction No. 2: Home Meets Design

Talk about an HUGE inspiration:  Ariele Alasko

Alasko is a furniture builder and woodworker living in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from California, she attended Pratt institute in BK and has a BFA in sculpture. Ariele started building furniture for her own apartment shortly after she graduated in 2009, and it swiftly grew from a fun hobby taking place in her small dusty living room, to a full time job. 
Her primary material of choice is plaster lath, small strips of wood that come from the old walls of hundred-year-old buildings here in Brooklyn. Fairly available due to the constant gutting of these old brownstones, she collects the materials, cleans it, and uses the woods natural coloration and patina to create intricate patterns in her work, without the use of any stains. 
Each piece takes days or even weeks to complete, as every strip of wood is cut individually to attain a perfect fit, making sure the resulting panel or table top is level, smooth, and without any gaps.

Her works are amazingly inspiring. There’s something about hand made and honest work that makes a project so much more appealing.

Ariele Alasko young Californian artist based in New York, is a full-time worker wood as she describes herself. First a little fun hobby that took place in his room, it quickly turned into a full time job as a 83m² studio. She has discovered a passion for cherry, walnut, maple and sycamore, and now makes stunning items such as headboards, panels for walls, tables, spoons and forks. Its raw material is composed of small wooden slats, she cleans and uses the natural color of the wood for his unique creations.
— Fubiz.net